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CLASH of the christmas clones

a holiday novella by Lance Fever Myers

A mysterious invention somewhere in a Nebraska basement is turned on and suddenly it’s Christmas every day. So how do Santa and his crew of toymakers adjust to a 365x increase in their workload? A few of Santa’s closest friends come up with plans to provide the big man with backup. One creates RoboSanta, while the other accidentally creates a giant monster called Hammerhead Santa. There’s a love story, there are a lot of scenes of elves talking about jazz and postmodernism, and at the climax, there’s an epic showdown between monster and machine. 

Why So Much?

a novel by Lance Fever Myers

Runner up for best new novel by an Austin author AUSTIN CHRONICLE 2019

Debut author Lance Fever Myers paints the heartbreaking portrait of a teenage artist struggling to find her voice in a small refinery town off the Texas Gulf Coast. Why So Much? is an emotionally rich novel exploring sex, death, addiction, celebrity, and theme restaurants at the turn of the millennium. Think Vonnegut meets Jonathan Franzen. 


a novel by L.B. Deyo

The God-Damn Fool tells the story Dr. John Harriman of Garrison Academy private boarding school. Budget cuts have gotten so severe that Harriman, a pretentious Latin instructor, is forced to become coach of the school’s basketball team. Had the old man not already enough troubles, dealing with his gout, his Vietnam War wound, mild Tourette’s Syndrome, three failed marriages, bursitis, psoriasis, morbid obesity, the disrespect of his peers, the insolence of his over-bright students, the steady rise of politics in the academe, and his outlandishly aggressive dog? Now he must lead an undermanned, spastic team of incorrigibles in a sport he knows nothing about.

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